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Advance Industrial Solutions

We have tackled some of the most difficult thermal challenges from aerospace to analytical instrumentation, from food equipment to plastics processing, from medical devices to semiconductor processing. We provide an extensive line of solutions from simple, standard designs to custom engineered, complex heating, sensing and control solutions.

Semiconductor Processing: Our supplier is the semiconductor equipment industries premier supplier of high performance radiant, convection, and conduction thermal solutions.

Foodservice: Whether your application requires rugged electric heater construction or high accuracy temperature measurement, we offer a solution that will meet stringent quality standards and provide an economical solution for high volume equipment. Custom engineered heaters, sensors, or controls are available as rapid prototypes, or we provide cost reduction opportunities on existing equipment.

Process Industries: Process Heat requirements vary widely by application, but the need for properly designed components built with robust construction to suit the application is a constant. Advance Industries provides custom solutions to difficult applications, as well as industry standard components for any replacement need. Our solutions include screw plug immersion heaters, heavy duty flanged heaters, circulation heaters, tank heaters, duct heaters, and integrated skid system heating systems with process control panels that feature the cutting edge of available technology.

Life Sciences: Instrumentation used in the preparation and analysis of organic and inorganic materials requires precision control of process temperature. Depending on the type of sample, this process temperature may vary from 37°C (98.6°F) for analysis of biological cells to over 500°C (932°F) for analysis of inorganic materials. In addition, differences in incubation periods arise. Also, in medical devices, heating gases or liquids enhances patient comfort and aids recovery. Understanding all of these application requirements and having a broad base of potential thermal solutions gives us the ability to provide the best thermal solution for most applications.

Plastics Processing: With over 30 years of experience, our supplier has become a leading manufacturer of electric heaters, temperature sensors, and temperature controls for plastics processing equipment . Our extensive knowledge has helped us design products that offer you higher productivity and minimize your downtime. In fact, our components are found on OEM equipment for injection molding and extrusion operations around the world.

Packaging: Packaging equipment thermal requirements are versatile and demanding. From pharmaceutical and dairy to bag and hot melt sealing, We understand the integration of precise temperature control into packaging applications to maximize speed and optimize yield. Thermal components must be robust and properly designed to suit the rigors of the packaging environment.