Advance Industrial Cast In Heaters

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Cast In heaters of aluminum and bronze manufactured to customer specifications. Air and liquid cooled barrel heaters for extruders. Platens for presses, packaging and foodservice. Pedestals and bake platens for semiconductor processing.

Cast In HeatersCast In Heaters for Semiconductor Processing - Cast-in aluminum and bronze heaters that meet the challenges of the most stringent requirements of the Semiconductor processing industry. Manufactured under the most rigid quality standards, these heaters are designed to deliver the performance that the industry expects and demands.

Cast In Heaters for Plastics Processing - Cast In heaters for all plastics processing applications including, air and liquid cooled barrel heaters, L-shaped heaters, vent cut out heaters, heat only cast in barrel heaters, air cooled with shroud, hollow cast nozzle heaters, and cooling jackets for cast in barrel heaters.

Cast In Platen Heaters - Typical uses for platen heaters are heat transfer presses, foodservice equipment, die heaters, packaging equipment, and commercial pre-heaters. Manufactured from aluminum or bronze alloys, the platen heater consists of a tubular heating element that is designed and formed to provide maximum efficiency and temperature uniformity on the working surface of the casting.

Custom Cast In Heaters - custom cast-in heated parts are designed to eliminate the need for multiple part sourcing and assembly, as well as provide a more uniform thermal process to your application. Our engineering staff can design a part that is "plug and play" for your application.