Advance Industrial Aluminum Nitride and Alumina Ceramic Heaters

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Advanced Ceramic Heaters are small in size but mighty in power!
Ceramic heater technology is available in either Aluminum Nitride (AIN) or Alumina (AI203). Ceramic heater technologies offer significant advantages over metal based sheath heaters that have limitations in thermal performance or material compatibility.  Our ceramic heaters can operate in atmospheric and vacuum environments up to 1652°F (900°C). With its excellent thermal efficiency, AIN heaters can be designed with a multi-layer construction that can deliver up to 2000 W/in2. With chemical resistance to most acidic and alkaline solutions, these compact robust heaters are an ideal solution for demanding thermal applications. Ceramic heaters can be custom designed to optimize thermal performance for the instrumentation or equipment's applications.

Multi Layer Aluminum Nitride Heaters
AIN heaters are used in applications where low thermal expansion and/or high thermal conductivity are required. When combined with internal chemically bonded metallic conductors, these components may be used in high power electronic devices and rapid thermal cycling processes. Very high power densities can be realized by designing a solution with metallic structures for mounting and heat removal.

Cylindrical 3D AIN Heaters
Precision manufacturing processes and machining capabilities allow for unique 3-dimensional designs such as the cylindrical heaters.  Cylindrical heater applications include gas and liquid heating in instrumentation such as gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, and medical devices.  Cylindrical heaters can be designed for process temperatures in excess of 1112°F (600°C) with watt densities up to 1000 W/in2. With design flexibility to distribute wattage and vary the length, inside and outside diameter, this heater can be customized to optimize performance in the application.

Multi Layer 3D AIN Heaters
Ceramic heaters give engineers flexibility to design high performance heaters, because in a green state (before sintering), ceramic materials are easily machined to provide unique geometries that would be impossible with conventional metal heater technologies. Shown in this example (to the right) is a conceptual heater design that graphically shows the value of multi layer heater construction. A high thermal transfer solution for gases or liquids is achieved by creating ceramic layers that create turbulence as the medium passes through the heater. The cathode heater provides maximum heat transfer for an ion source in a mass spectrometer.

AIN Igniters and Oxygen Sensors
High watt density, low operating voltage, low power consumption, temperature ramp rate in seconds and 900°C (1652°F) make AIN heaters an excellent solution for igniters and oxygen sensor applications. Whether the application is for a high temperature environmental instrumentation application in a power plant or for burning test samples, AIN heaters are a robust solution that can provide the reliability requi red in the application.