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Industrial Process ThermocouplesOur supplier manufactures a wide selection of industrial process thermocouples to meet the requirements of the most demanding process applications in the world such as steel processing, turbine and diesel engine temperature measurement, and chemical processing. In addition, they also manufactures thermocouples that are built for commercial applications such as for foodservice, packaging, and semiconductor processing. These thermocouples are assembled under rigid quality control standards per ANSI specifications. Engineering can assist you with custom designed process thermocouples for your application.

Platinum Thermocouples
Platinum thermocouples, most commonly ANSI types R, S, and B, are precious metal elements (noble metals) that are used primarily in high temperature applications. The platinum thermocouples provide long, stable service where standard base metal thermocouple calibrations are inadequate. Platinum thermocouple elements can be supplied in a variety of protective assembly designs. These include ceramic protection tubes with secondary insulators, silicon carbide protection tubes, or compacted MgO cable designs.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
Mineral insulated thermocouples are manufactured with compacted MgO insulation housed in a stainless steel or alloy sheath that protects the thermocouple element from the application environment. This construction provides an incredibly durable design that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. 
The compacted MgO construction offers superior life compared to other types of thermocouples due to the ability to withstand extreme thermal shock and prevent contamination of the element itself. Mineral insulated thermocouples can be constructed to operate at temperatures up to 2400°F. Termination options for these sensors are wide ranging and include plugs mounted directly to the sheath, cast aluminum or iron terminal heads, and flexible leadwires.

Multi Point Thermocouples
Multi-Point Thermocouples are designed specifically for pipelines, process towers, boilers and other vessels where multi-point temperature monitoring is a must. Also for use when space limits the number of sensors which can be practically installed. Various connection and mounting styles are available. Our supplier also offers a line of semiconductor multi-point thermocouples with stainless steel, Inconel®, molybdenum and Teflon® sheath materials.

Base Metal Protection Tube Thermocouple
Heavy-duty industrial applications require heavy-duty base metal protection tube thermocouple assemblies. These units feature large 8 gauge or 14 gauge thermocouple elements of type J or type K with ceramic insulators and housed in protection tubes that typically have a wall thickness of schedule 40 or schedule 80. The protection tube can be made of various stainless steels or nickel alloys depending on the specific application service requirements. Termination of the protection tube assembly is typically a cast iron or cast aluminum screw cover head for enclosure of the thermocouple connections. The thermocouple element can be changed through removal of the terminal block while the assembly is still in service. The protection tube is usually mounted in the application with a fixed bushing or flange mounted to the tube.

Base Metal Thermowell Assemblies
Thermowells are manufactured from drilled bar stock and have threaded NPT process connections or flanges for direct immersion into high pressure or corrosive applications. The thermocouple element is mounted into the thermowell and is typically spring loaded for positive contact to the bottom wall of the well. This allows for the best possible response to temperature changes during operation. Cast iron or aluminum screw cover heads are used to terminate the thermowell assemblies. The thermocouple element can be constructed of ceramic insulated thermocouple wires or mineral insulated cable for increase durability. The thermowell itself can be machined in a variety of designs and insertion lengths. Most wells are manufactured of 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, however other alloys are available.

Miniature Thermocouples
Advance Industrial offers a complete line of miniature thermocouples for applications with tight space requirements, limited access or other considerations. Assorted jack and plug style connections available, as well as miniature glass-filled nylon terminal head rated to 350°F (177°C) and measuring only 1-1/2" x 2-1/8".

Thermocouple Protection Tubes
Replacement Ceramic Protection Tubes, Replacement Metal Protection Tubes, Silicon Carbide Protection Tube Assemblies.