Advance Industrial Resistance Temperature Detectors

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For high-accuracy temperature measurements in a variety of industrial and commercial air and gas applications, we offer RTD's of multiple elements and styles. Our RTD's are available with an assortment of connections, mounting hardware, and enclosures to suit harsh chemical, immersion, and other heavy-duty requirements. Sealed leadwire transitions eliminate contamination. Multiple sensing elements can be located at various points for precise temperature control.

Standard Design Resistance Temperature Detectors
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are increasingly becoming the sensor of choice for temperature measurement applications due to the accuracy and long term stability that platinum elements offer. These devices are very linear over a wide temperature range. Due to advances in technology, resistance temperature detector elements are very robust and cost effective. They can be designed into a wide variety of packages that suit applications up to 1200°F.

Heavy Duty Resistance Temperature Detector Thermowell Assemblies
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) with thermowells are typically used in pressurized or harsh industrial process applications that require the benefits of RTD temperature measurement but require additional protection from the working environment. The thermowells are manufactured from drilled bar stock and can be designed with a variety of lengths and NPT thread or flange sizes. The resistance temperature detector element is spring loaded into the thermowell for positive contact and rapid temperature response.

Surface Mount Resistance Temperature Detectors
Surface mount resistance temperature detectors can be supplied with block surface mount, spade type surface mount or adhesive patch mounting hardware. Fiberglass, Mica/Fiberglass, Teflon or PVC leadwires with various braiding or armor cable shielding options are available.

Hand Held Temperature Probes
A line of multi-purpose hand held temperature probes for foodservice, industrial process, and laboratory applications. Temperaure Probe features include handles of stainless steel, Teflon, or plastic and coil cord leadwires that can be constructed to withstand ambient temperatures up to 400°F. Standard designs include a mini plug connector, but many options are available. The resistance temperature detector sheath itself is typically stainless steel and can be constructed with tips designed for piercing frozen meat, sensing gas temperatures, liquid immersion, or surface temperature measurements.

Teflon Coated Resistance Temperature Detectors
Resistance Temperature Detectors are available with Teflon coated sheaths for applications that require contact temperature measurement in corrosive or chemical environments. The Teflon coating can be applied directly to the sheath of the resistance temperature detector, providing protection while minimizing effects to response. In applications that require considerable long-term protection, a welded Teflon sleeve can be used adding as much as 1/16" thick of Teflon protection to the surface of the probe. Flexible resistance temperature detector designs are available, which encapsulate the entire length of the RTD for applications requiring long lengths of immersion.

Immersion Resistance Temperature Detectors
For applications requiring immersion into any liquid or semi-solid, we will supply resistance temperature detectors in protective thermowells or protection tubes, with sealed terminal heads. Assemblies are available for high-pressure applications to 5000 PSI. Stainless steel sanitary fittings and wells are also offered standard for those applications requiring such hardware.

Melt Bolt Resistance Temperature Detectors
Melt Bolt Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are designed for dependable temperature measurement of the plastic melt stream within extruders and injection molding equipment. Standard assemblies are supplied with mineral insulated sensing elements for extended pressure and temperature performance. For options at the probe tip there are thermal barriers of Teflon (500°F) and Mycalex (900°F); available upon request.

Integrated Transmitter Resistance Temperature Detector Assemblies
A new line of Integrated Transmitter RTD Assemblies. This product features an industry standard 4-20mA transmitter with a matched IEC751 Class B Pt100 Platinum RTD (Resistive Temperature Device) with a wide available measuring range (-200 to 600°C). When purchased with the available 2 point NIST traceable calibration, accuracy exceeds 0.1°C + 0.1% of the calibrated span. The compact, hermetically sealed assembly can withstand vibrations, harsh wash downs and drastic temperature changes in the roughest environmental conditions.

IC Temperature Sensors
High-precision, easily calibrated integrated circuit (IC) temperature sensors operate over a wide current range with consistent performance. Operate in -55°C to 150°C range. Low impedance and linear output easily interface to readout or control circuitry.

Special Purpose Resistance Temperature Detectors
Technological advances in the manufacture of the resistance temperature detector elements have resulted in a greater selection of RTD elements that can be used for specific functions. Element parameters such as length, width, thickness, and lead orientation allow for a wide range of sensor designs that were not available a few years ago. Special application requirements such as response time, axial stress, and harsh lead termination environments can be designed into the probe package. A selection of tolerance bands for the resistance temperature detector elements is available depending on accuracy requirements. Our engineering can assist with the developments of your specific application requirements. Design modifications can be made from existing parts or drawings if necessary. We also provides rapid prototypes, which take any guesswork out of the functionality of the resistance temperature detector design.