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Industrial Process ThermocouplesOur supplier manufactures a complete line of thermocouples that are specifically designed for use in the plastics processing industry. These thermocouples are typically ANSI type J or type K calibration and consist of a flexible thermocouple conductor that is insulated with fiberglass. Designs utilize industry standard bayonet fittings or threaded fittings that retrofit most plastics processing equipment that is currently on the market. In addition, Advance Industries offers many European or Japanese retrofit parts with equivalent color codes for direct replacement in these machines. Typical terminations are split leads, spade lugs, or polarized male plugs. Other terminations are available for application specific requirements.

General Purpose Thermocouple
Economical thermocouple assemblies consist of a soft insulated fiberglass or Teflon wire that is housed in a stainless steel tube. Although this is a very simplistic thermocouple design, it is very versatile and durable if specified properly. Diameters of .093" to .500" are available in almost any length form 3/8" on up. Almost any type of leadwire or thermocouple connector can be used which allows for a great deal of flexibility in designing for low cost applications.

Plastics RTDs
The use of Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's) in the plastics industry is increasing due to their accuracy, stability, and advantages in control circuitry. Our suppplier manufactures a complete line of RTD assemblies in all configurations used for plastics processing equipment. These assemblies are available in 2 and 3 wire configurations and can retrofit any existing RTD sensors being used. These assemblies can also be constructed with a copper tip to maximize heat transfer to the element and increase response time where tip sensitivity is important.

Melt Bolt Thermocouples For Plastics Industry
Melt bolt thermocouples are designed for dependable temperature measurement of the plastic melt stream within extruders and injection molding equipment. Fixed and adjustable tip styles to suit any application.

Adjustable Depth Thermocouple with Armor
The adjustable thermocouple with flexible stainless steel armor cable and rotating bayonet lockcap on the outside diameter adjust to various immersion depths.

Adjustable Depth Thermocouple with Spring
A compression spring and bayonet lockcap allow this design to adjust to holes up to 12" deep. A stainless steel tip with silver solder junction provides fast response time. A TIG welded junction is also available.

Fixed Bayonet Thermocouples
Straight run, 45° and 90° bend fixed bayonet thermocouples are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Nozzle Thermocouples
Rotating bolt, fixed immersion, 90° probe and shim stock pad type nozzle thermocouples are offered for virtually any mounting requirement on a plastics machine or auxiliary apparatus.

Surface Mount Thermocouples
For surface mounting via ring lug or gasket with bracket, these thermocouples can be provided with various terminations, including split leads, spade lugs, standard plug, standard jack or special connectors, as needed.

Compression Fitting Thermocouples
Straight Run, 45° and 90° Compression Fitting Thermocouples

Pipe Clamp Thermocouples
Thermocouple styles for temperature measurements on pipe ranging from 1/2" to 2-1/4" diameters. Stainless steel overbraid shield protects the element, which senses the temperature on the surface of the clamp.

Custom Designed Thermocouples
Custom designed thermocouples. If the equipment you're using or building requires a particular sensor element, sheath material, connection style or fastening device, please contact us with your specifications. It's likely we've already built what you need.

Thermocouple Extension Assemblies
Standard assemblies are manufactured with fiberglass insulated thermocouple wire and stainless steel armor cable protection. Standard calibration is type "J". Other calibrations and special connections are available upon request.

Durexium Melt Bolt Sensor Coating

We are pleased to offer Durexium, a multi-layer coating option, on all Melt Bolt Style Temperature Sensors. This multi-layer coating is made up of 16 different layers of Titanium Nitride and Zirconium Nitride deposited using a cathodic arc PVD process at a temperature of 800°F. The alternating layers produce a synergistic effect that results in a Vickers hardness of over 4400 Hv. This higher hardness combined with the coatings superior abrasion resistance and lubricity results in wear life of up to 12 times typical non-coated sensors. This option has been shown to be especially effective when extruding or molding plastics reinforced with glass fiber or other abrasive materials. Durexium coating has also been proven to be affective in extremely abrasive pet food extrusion equipment resulting in drastic improvement in wear life over non-coated sensors.