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All the "extras" needed to complete your thermal processing installation are available from Advance Industries. A complete line of sensor accessories are available from our stock for immediate shipping.

Bayonet Adapters
TBA10, TBA20 or TBF style thermocouples can be inserted and locked into these adaptors to press their sensing junction against the surface being measured.

Compression Fittings
Compression fittings allow for exact immersion depth to be set on the thermocouple during field installation. When ordered as a part of a thermocouple assembly, the fittings will be assembled finger-tight to the sheath. The compression fitting are rated up to 10,000 psi. dependent upon the sheath diameter, thread size, material and temperature requirement.

Thermocouple Wire
Thermocouple Wire for every Type thermocouple.

Panel Jack Strips
2 - 12 circuit panel strips are available standard.

Terminal Heads
Cast iron, cast aluminum, cast anodized, exposion-proof, miniature glass-filled nylon and other styles available for all common process and conduit connections.

Thermocouple Connections
Plug, jack, circular jack, mini-plug, mini-jack, mini-circular panel jack, and other styles are compatible with all calibration Type sensors. Note: Standard temperature rating is 400°F. High temperature available at 550°F.

Temperature Transmitters
We offer a programmable Universal Temperature Transmitter for mounting in DIN B Sensor Head connected to any Type Thermocouple, RTD or mV signal with 4-20mA analog 2-wire output.

Blank Bolts
Blank bolt occupies hole when melt bolt is removed.

Cable Clamps
Cable clamps for overbraid or armor cable.

Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks, single, duplex, triplex.

Terminal Barrier Strips
Terminal Barrier Strips.

Molded Plugs
Standard Plugs are molded directly onto the Thermocouple leadwire or cable using Insert Molds and Injection Molding technology. This method fully encapsulates the pins and wire in glass filled nylon, creating an extemely strong strain relief. Laser engraved inserts can be added to the mold to show your company name or logo.