Advance Industrial Aluminum Pedestal Heaters

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Critical process steps for CVD, PVD, etch, and ion implantation applications require elevated temperature in vacuum environments. Key specifications for the thermal solution include precision temperature uniformity, precision machining tolerances, material compatibility with the chemical or gas environment and a neutral source of contamination. Our supplier has years of proven experience and capabilities for design and manufacturing thermal solutions for the most demanding in-situ vacuum applications.

Aluminum Pedestal Heaters are the material of choice for most deposition and etch applications, because aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity and is inert to many process chemicals such as HF.

  • Operating temperature < 450°C (842°F)
  • Aluminum alloys 170.1, 319 or 356
  • Perpendicularity < 0.1 mm
  • Surface flatness to 0.005 mm
  • Machined vacuum, lift pin, and other features
  • Welding of dissimilar materials
  • Integral cable and tubular heater assemblies
  • Anodized aluminum and other coatings